Fundamental Skills for Surgery

Fundamental Skills for Surgery PDF Author: Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
ISBN: 9781743073421
Category : General surgery
Languages : en
Pages : 330

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Book Description
Basic surgical skills are an essential part of practising medicine in many different medical disciplines, from the obvious surgical specialties, through to general practice, gynaecology and emergency medicine. Fundamental Skills for Surgery is a practical, instructive guide to the elementals of surgical techniques. It provides an excellent introduction to the basic principles of surgery, using a systematic, logical approach to the subject and assuming minimal surgical knowledge.In this easy to understand, practical book, the core elements of basic surgical skills are outlined: Surgical conduct, surgical decision making, surgical safety, sterile technique, Surgical instruments, Needles and sutures, Energy sources in surgery, Ergonomics in surgery, Basic operative skills, Wound management, Local anaesthesia, Joint aspiration, Joint reduction, Fracture Fixation, and Rigid Endoscopy. Fundamental Skills for Surgery contains over 200 helpful illustrations to guide the reader through simple surgical techniques and show and describe the instruments involved. Written in clear, non-technical language, Richard Perry and colleagues from the ASSET committee of the Board of Basic Surgical Training of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons draw on years of practice and training experience to explain the simplest concepts in a step by step approach. While designed as an instructive manual for medical students and basic surgical trainees (BSTs) of the Australasian and United Kingdom surgical colleges, this book also has a wider application for emergency medicine physicians, obstetric and gynaecology trainees, procedural general practitioners, surgical nursing staff, operating theatre nurses and others who perform or need to understand surgical procedures. Fundamental Skills For Surgery - Sampls from McGraw-Hill Medical Australia