A Parent's Guide to The Science of Learning

A Parent's Guide to The Science of Learning PDF Author: Edward Watson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780367646615
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 184

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Book Description
"Supporting parents in the quest to help their children learn as effectively and efficiently as possible, A Parent's Guide to The Science of Learning translates 77 of the most important and influential studies on student learning into easily digestible overviews. This book will develop parents 'understanding of crucial psychological research so that they can help their children improve how they think, feel and behave in school (and indeed in life). Each overview summarises the key findings from the research and gives tips, hints and strategies in how you can use them in your house. Covering important areas such memory, motivation, thinking biases, parental atttitudes, this book makes complicated research simple, accessible and practical. From large- to small-scale studies, from the quirky to the iconic, this book breaks down key research to provide parents with the need-to-know facts. As a result, it is filled with hints, tips and strategies that will help you parent even better. A Parent's Guide to The Science of Learning answers the sort of questions that every parent wants to know but doesn't know where to find the answers. This includes the small every-day little questions, through to the big life changing ones. Some of the questions that this book answers include: How much sleep does your child need? Should I actually help them with their homework? Why does my child forgets what they have just learnt? How much screentime is too much? What can I do to help them do better at school? Is it really that important that we all eat meals together? How can I help my child learn to better manage their emotions? How can I encourage them to be a better independent learner? A hugely accessible resource, this unique book will provide parents with the knowledge they need to best support your children's learning and development"--