Just Takes Time

Just Takes Time PDF Author: C.A. Conklin
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490879013
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 234

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Book Description
We all have secrets. That is probably a basic part of being human. For most of us, those secrets are not a big deal; they do not affect other people’s lives. They do not keep you from being you. But what if they did? Author C. A. Conklin’s Just Takes Time is about secrets, but not simple ones. After Fay Lee Webber witnesses the murder of her husband, she is forced to leave her children and go into witness protection. Life as she had known it was over. Her time is filled with secrets piled upon secrets, destroying her from the inside out. Bordering on despair, Fay rediscovers her faith and finds unconditional love, salvation, and forgiveness through God and others she meets on her journey. Although your secrets may not be as life-changing and life-challenging as Fay’s, they influence your life. Maybe you feel there is nothing you can do about it; secrets are meant to be kept. Just Takes Time shows what happens when you allow yourself to have faith in God and in special people in your life.